Diamond Brite

What is Diamond Brite?

Diamond Brite is a polish blend of a natural quartz aggregate, color quartz that’s non-fading, and modified cement consisting on polymer.   While many other aggregates can easily be worn down and even dissolved by traffic, weather and pool chemicals, Diamond Brite withstands brilliantly.  It looks very appealing too.

Where is Diamond Brite Used?

Diamond Brite is most commonly used for swimming pool interior finishes. Once it's installed, the finish should last several seasons as long as your pool is properly maintained.

Diamond Brite Options

There is a variety of stunning colors to choose from in the Diamond Brite line.  Super Blue, Cool Blue, and Aqua Quartz are the main colors.  There are a number of textures available too like pebbled and smooth.

Diamond Brite for Pools

When it comes to remodeling the inside of your pool and pool deck, Diamond Brite is an excellent choice for many reasons.  It is easy on bare feet due to the texture of it and because it is naturally heat resistant.  That’s an important feature in places where the sun continually beats down.  It is also slip-resistant which is imperative for pool areas. 

Unlike some of the other pool finishes, Diamond Brite is tough enough to endure through even the harshest weather conditions, doesn’t fade or give when water is left puddling on it, doesn’t stain, and can hold up to pool chemicals like chlorine.  Your pool can be drained with absolutely no damage to the finish which isn’t always true with plaster finishes.  The fact that it is easy to put in and the “down time” is only a few days is also a big plus. 

Diamond Brite Pricing

For resurfacing and refinishing, Diamond Brite is one of the most affordable ways to go.  This finish is so versatile many start with it in one area, like the pool deck, and branch into other areas, such as a walkway or patio, as they can afford to.  There are options in all price ranges so you are able to choose the one that works within your personal budget.  The ease and speed in which it can be laid cuts down the cost too.  Diamond Brite lasts generally 12-15 years with very little maintenance needed and rarely any repairing required which makes it a wise and financial sound option too.

Diamond Brite for a Brilliant Remodeling Touch

Diamond Brite is a great solution to your outdoor refinishing needs.  Your pool, pool deck, driveway, walkway, or patio will have a brand new look and feel for a minimal expense with this gorgeous finish.  Affordable, durable, and aesthetically appealing, it gets the job done, beautifully.



How Long Does Diamond Brite last?

Diamond Brite lasts eight to 12 years before it fades and gets spotty. We recommend acid washing this finish after about five years to keep it bright. Each style and color has a different price, but a Diamond Brite finish costs about $5,000 to $10,000.


Is Diamond Brite a good pool finish?

Diamond Brite is an exposed aggregate, which means it isn't smooth. With a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, and with a stunning appearance, it is an excellent choice for some pools.

Is Diamond Brite better than plaster?

Diamond Brite finish, on the other hand, costs a little more than white plaster but is more durable and has a longer lifespan of about 10-15 years. As well, you also have the freedom to personalize your pool thanks to the variety of exquisite shades available for you to choose from.

How much does it cost to Diamond Brite a pool?

Name-brands such as Diamond Brite can cost around $5,000 per project, while brands such as Pebble Tec, PebbleSheen, and BeadCrete can cost about $9,000-$13,000 to install.



Diamond Brite Installation Contractors

Step 1: Drain Pool


Step 2: Remove Tile

Step 3: Install New Pool Tile


Step 4: Add Bonding Coat




Step 5: Install Diamond Brite Finish








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