Why Choose Us for Pool Resurfacing & Remodeling in Oakland Park, FL?

If you need a pool deck resurfacing and remodeling company, look no further. We have you covered. There is a myriad of reasons to choose us including:

You Can Trust Us

If you can’t trust the company you’re working with, you’re in for a long rocky road ahead. At Pool Deck Pros in Oakland Park, we have been building trust one deck at a time for years. We operate with the utmost integrity and count it an honor to serve you.

 Our Experience is a Huge Attribute

You certainly don’t want to be a company’s first project. It’s a well-known fact that with experience comes better workmanship and we are living proof. We just keep getting better and better with age. Experience the difference when you call on us for your deck work.

Our Team is Tops

We are very particular who joins our fold. We only hire highly skilled workers who are as passionate about pool decks as we are. After all, our customers deserve the best so that’s exactly what we give them on every level.

You’ll Be Treated with Courtesy and Respect

If you’ve ever done business with a rude company, you know the importance of dealing with a courteous and respectful team. We are friendly, helpful, and even enjoyable to be around. We’ll respect not only you, but your property too!

We Use Quality Materials

No matter how good of a job a contractor does when completing your pool deck project, if quality materials aren’t used, it will show. You’ll also need to make repairs and replacements within in no time. We use top-notch materials at all times and…it shows.

Customers Love Us

Don’t just take it from us, listen to our satisfied customers. We’ve successfully completed tons of pool decks in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Our goal is to add you to our list of thrilled customers.

Benefits of Pool Resurfacing & Remodeling

When tossing around the idea of having your pool deck fixed or remodeled, here are some things to keep in mind:

Safety Is First

Pool decks that have chipped concrete and exposed nails or splinters pose a risk of injury and even death. Every year in Oakland Park, many are injured or die in pool and pool deck-related accidents. Don’t let your deck become a statistic.

A New Look and Feel

Imagine looking out at the backyard and your old boring pool area is suddenly fresh and new looking. Give your tired pool deck a facelift and experience the difference a little TLC can add to your yard.

You’ll Actually User Your Pool

When a pool and pool area is looking shabby, no one wants to take a dip. You certainly don’t want to invite friends and family over either. When you revive your Oakland Park pool deck, you’ll find your pool is used much more.

New Options are Available

If you haven’t seen what’s new in pool deck fashions, check it out! From state-of-the-art skid and heat-resistant materials to aesthetically pleasing construction designs in wood, natural-stones, and so much more. You have so much more to choose from these days, it’s a great idea to consider a makeover!

Raise Your Property Value

In Oakland Park, having a pool and pool deck adds value to your home. But…only if it’s in good condition. If your deck is falling apart, it’s an expense a buyer will have to make which is certainly not optimal. Renovate or repair your old deck and raise the value of your home

Much Less Expensive than a New Pool

You may be thinking you need to ditch your old pool for a new one. If you’ve priced pool installations lately, you will be delighted to learn that by remodeling your pool deck, your pool will look much newer and nicer.

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