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Pool Coping

Pool coping is the outline of your pool.  It is perhaps the most important part of your entire poolscape.  It should embrace all that your pool is.  Sometimes, it just looks like one big mess.  That’s when it’s time to remodel your coping to encompass the beauty of your pool and to add an all new, fresh air to the entire pool area.

Nothing transforms your pool quite as dynamically and affordably as new pool coping.  There are many choices you’ll have so you’ll be able to keep with a budget you can afford but get the exact look and feel you are wanting too.

Importance of Pool Coping

Pool coping is installed when a pool is built.  Sometimes, a limited budget means you use a coping that you will replace later, just so you can afford the pool itself.  Other times, if money permits, a nice coping is used initially. 

Whether you are building your pool or remodeling it, you’ll need to have one and the better coping you can use, the better.  Coping is a very important part of the structure of your pool, not to mention the safety and aesthetics of it.

Coping keeps the shell of your pool intact and prevents it from separating.  It also connects the surface surrounding the pool to the shell in a way so that they are still two individual pieces.  Pool coping contains the water inside the pool and is also the ledge those who enter and exit the pool encounter as well as those that hold on to it while in the process of enjoying the pool.

The proper installation of pool coping is imperative.  It will ensure that water that splashes or flows outside the pool will flow back into it or into the pool drains.  If your coping doesn’t perform this function, you are in big trouble.

Types of Pool Coping

"There are many types of pool coping materials.  Each have their own benefits.  Finding one that suits your financial needs and also provides safety and durability while delighting your taste in style is the ultimate goal when choosing a type of coping.  With the wide variety of options available, you should have no problem finding the perfect coping.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is one of the most popular types of coping.  You can find it in a multitude of textures, types, and colors.  The price range is extensive to so you can go for one that is more affordable or choose from the elite selection.  Natural stone can be found in finishes that are slip-resistant and safe for pool areas.  You can also choose natural stone in shapes and colors that fit your decoration scheme.  It’s a great option because it is durable and if a repair needs to be performed, a single stone or a small section of them can be removed in order to fix the problem.


Brick is a timeless option when it comes to pool coping.  It dramatically brings a nostalgic, rich look to the area.  According to the type of brick material you choose, you can create an elegant, modern, casual, or fun space.  Brick coping is strong and will last for a long time with little if any repair ever needed.  You can find brick finishes that are resistant to slipping and that also repel the heat.


Travertine is a wise and affordable choice for pool coping.  It is readily available and provides a universal appeal to any style pool.  It holds up well and adds a nice look and value to your space.  Plus, it is skid-resistant, heat-resistant, and easy to maintain.


Tile adds a classy look to your pool area.  It is often the focal point of a pool.  There are many types to choose from and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors too.  You’ll be able to find tiles that are safe and strong for your pool area yet aesthetically pleasing as well.

Cement and Interlocking Cement

Cement is a solid choice for many individuals where coping is concerned.  It gets the job done and can be found in a large variety of styles, colors, and shapes.  You can have it poured in a continuous fashion or you can opt for interlocking bricks of cement.  It’s affordable and can even be refinished with pool spray if and when the times comes you want to upgrade it.

Coping- For the Life and Love of Your Pool

Coping is what holds your pool together and what sets it apart as well.  It frames the function and flair of your pool in in one neat little package.  It’s embraces your pool so, should you embrace it too?

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