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Brick Pavers

Remodeling with brick pavers is a rock solid way to add a gorgeous touch to your pool deck, driveway, patio, or even your fire pit or fireplace.  They add a unique look and feel and are a smart choice for many reasons.

What are Brick Pavers?

Brick pavers are interlocking pieces of brick that are laid with mortar or cement.  The bricks are available in a wide array of material types, colors, and textures which can work creatively together to achieve any decorating style you’d like.

Big Benefits of Brick

Brick is strong, bold, and extremely durable.  In fact, so much so, adding brick to you property actually increases the value of it.  Bricks require very little maintenance except that you’ll want to keep it from getting mossy.  Simply wash them down or power hose them every now and then and they look great and perform safely.  They don’t even crack or fade.  Plus, they hold up to even the most extreme weather conditions so you can rest assured they can endure the water and traffic in your pool area.  Another huge benefit is that because they are separate pieces that are laid together, if one is damaged or if the pool springs a leak underneath the surface, individual bricks can be replaced rather than having to remove the whole area.


The materials most commonly used to make bricks are: common burnt clay, sand lime, concrete bricks, engineering bricks, and fly ash clay.  They each have their own properties which determine what they are best used for.  While engineering bricks are ideal for load bearing projects, clay bricks have a lot to offer the poolside because they are the strongest and most durable so they hold up well to water, even with salt or chlorine in it, and are slip-resistant and easy on your feet.


Most bricks used to be drab gray but these days, they come in a myriad of color choices you are going to love.  You can match or color coordinate with the brick on your home or you can do your own thing to bring your dream design to life.  From vintage red or bright vivid orange or yellow to a sleek and modern black, you are sure to find the perfect brick color for your individual taste.


Bricks come in many textures.  For use around the pool or any area that will be walked on a lot with bare feet, you’ll want to choose one that isn’t bumpy.  You will want a slip-resistant material as well.

Setting a Style

The color, brick material, and texture of your brick will lay the foundation for your decorating so you can set the tone and mood you’d like for the area.  The way you have the brick laid will accentuate your theme too.  They can be laid in uniform lines or even in circular patterns for a unique and artful atmosphere.  There is no limit to what you can do to set your brick pool deck apart from the rest and bring in your customized decorating style.


Brick pavers are available in all price ranges.  You can go with basic brick without the frills or the top of the line brick with an intricate layout pattern.  The choice is yours which is just one more thing to love about remodeling with brick pavers.

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