Pool Tile

Pool tile adds a classy touch to pool decking and pool coping.  It sets a magnificent poolscape backdrop that can dramatically transform the look and feel of your pool.  Pool tiling adds years to the life of your pool area and increases the value of it too.

There are tons of benefits to choosing pool tile as a remodeling mode.  They are elegant and beautiful, versatile, durable, long-lasting, and all things considered, economical too.  If one chips, cracks, or is damaged in any way, you can replace it without having to demolish the entire surface area like is necessary when cement or other one-piece materials have to be repaired.

Types of Pool Tile

Tile comes in a wide array of materials, sizes, shapes, and textures.  Most all come in glazed and unglazed.  Glazed can be slippery so while it’s not a practical choice for a pool deck, it can certainly be laid where it enhances your pool area like within a waterfall.  Some of the most popular are:

Pool Tile Materials

Pool tiles can be made in glass, metal, stone, ceramic, porcelain and other materials as well.  The type of tile you choose should depend on the function you need for it to serve, the price range that fits your budget, and the function it will be serving.  While you may adore the shiny look of glazed stone tile, a slip-resistant option is best for the poolside.  For a rustic, casual look, a natural tile may be your best option and is perfect for a wet area.  From elegant to fun, you can achieve any mood you wish.  Plus, there are so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to figure in all the factors of cost, function, and fashion in order to find the ultimate tile for your individual circumstance.

Pool Tile Shapes

Pool tiles are available in just about any shape you might desire.  The most popular is square but close runner-ups are rectangle and octagon.  Mosaic shapes are well-loved too.  All of the shapes come in different sizes.  You can have a uniform look with same size tiles or a less formal, alternating pattern.

Pool Tile Color Choices

There are pool tiles in every imaginable colors.  You can combine the colors to fit your decorating scheme or use one color throughout to set a mood.  Blues speak tranquility while black and slate colors are more modern.  If you are using tile in your inner pool, you can design a fish on the floor of the pool or on the deck, you can create a mandala.  Get festive with fiesta colors and set a party mood.  There’s no limit with what you can do with a whole pallet of tile colors at your fingertip.

Pool Tile Cost

There’s such a huge variety when it comes to pool tiles, you are able to choose within your personal budget.  While some luxury tiles and extravagant cuttings and lay outs can cost a small fortune, there are plenty of gorgeous ones at the lower and mid-level too.  The final cost will depend upon the type of tile you go with, the details and difficulty level of the design you want them patterned in, and the amount of area you want covered.  One excellent thing about tile work is that you can do the space you can afford now and add on to it later when you can fit it into your budget.  Tile brings up the value of your pool and is low maintenance and long-lasting so when you do the math, tile is a wise and affordable option.

What’s Involved with Pool Tile Installation?

Pool tile isn’t difficult to lay, as long as it’s a professional doing the work.  It is not a project for novice tile layers though.  You may think you have it all laid perfectly until you get to that last little piece and boom...it has to all be taken back up and redone, hopefully by a pro.  Having it installed by the experts the first time around is definitely a wise move.

You can expect only a short down time and then your pool will be back up and running again with a whole brand new look and feel about it.

Pool Tile - How it all Stacks Up

Pool tile is a remodeling option that will drastically transform your pool deck or pool coping.  It instantly adds amazing aesthetics.  It is so versatile, you are sure to find the exact tile that is optimal for your pocketbook yet is perfect for the function of the space and is everything you want fashion-wise as well.  Pool tile...it is “all that”.

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